OBV Divergence +

This study Plots Divergences for OBV along with 2 MA's

Choose between standard type of OBV and OBV Accumulation / Distribution thanks to spacetrader which seems to be a truer reading

Divergence Alerts are provided so that you dont have to stare at your screen all day
릴리즈 노트: Fixed a fault in the code
Adjusted line widths and colors for color changing OBV
릴리즈 노트: Adjusted defaults for divergences
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Thanks man!
Looking forward to seeing how it came out!
So far your Divergence indicator that uses other indicator on chart tested for me, great on come surprisingly bad on other pairs. Crazy!
it's not working bro:( not appearing on the chart.
Lij_MC adrianpaulgo08
@adrianpaulgo08, Ok seems to be working fine for me.
If your still having problems after adding it through the indicators and strategies tab on the top of the screen, the Maybe Double click on the price scale for the indicator that should bring it back into range
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