Munich Guppy

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WELCOME to the Munich Guppy!

This is a simple moving average indicator that will help you determine the trend of your chart using historical moving averages.

The indicator consists of 3 EMA's and one ALMA moving average. Using these 4 moving averages I have programmed the relationship between the moving averages to color the background of your chart.

If your background is red, this means that the alma moving average has fallen below the EMA's (EMA1 and EMA 2) as well as (EMA 1 and EMA 2) are postured in a down trending/up trending fashion

For example, the 21EMA is greater than the 55EMA, this signals that the chart has been outperforming its intermediate averages. Now if the ALMA is below both the 21ema and 55ema, in this instance, your chart background will become green.

The ALMA has color options '+CoC' and '-Coc', this simply means if the candle closes below the alma, it will turn red, if closure above it will turn green.

EMA 3 which is default set to 200, has no affect on the color of the background.

Now I hope I have thoroughly explained the simplicity of this indicator, if you have any questions leave them below or private message me for any other requests,

Good Trading!

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:Chart picture update
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::Chart Picture Update 2
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Adjusted the offset argument to not have the moving averages look ahead.
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