Higher Highs & Lower Lows Stochastics - Vitali Apirine

This is my modified "Higher Highs & Lower Lows Stochastics" employing PSv4.0, originally formulated by Vitali Apirine for TASC - February 2016 Traders Tips. Reading through a TASC magazine of mine, behold, I found a little known indicator that I can't find anywhere on all of Tradingview. That was a tragedy I felt I had to resolve... This indicator is best described as a dual momentum indicator, being helpful with anticipating reversals, spotting emerging trends, and defining correction periods. I felt it worthy of justice to unveil this for all TV members to utilize and also learn from. It's uniqueness is beyond past due for the honor it deserves on Tradingview.

As always, I have included advanced Pine programming techniques that conform to proper "Pine Etiquette". For those of you who are newcomers to Pine Script, this code release may also help you comprehend the "Power of Pine" by employing advanced programming techniques while exhibiting code utilization in a most effective manner. This script's uniqueness displays that we can now override built-in Pine functions. Firstly, you may have noticed that I replaced ema(), sma(), highest(), and lowest(). If you weren't aware of this Pine capability, well, here is a prime example... Now you know! Just heed caution when doing so to ensure your replacement algorithms are 100% sound. Lastly, I also added an additional "Median" line where the companion stochastics seemingly appear to gravitate within a central zone.

NOTICE: You may have observed, there is highest(), lowest(), ema(), and sma() custom functions overwriting Pine built-ins, some of which are audaciously used in ternary. "IF" you are planning to use Pine Script v4.0 functions in ternary, be forewarned, they WILL NOT operate as expected in most scenarios. The reason why I legitimately used them here in ternary is because they are ONLY manually controlled by an input(). If these were dynamically controlled with bar-to-bar dynamic conditional logic, you would most certainly run into serious unexpected programming issues, potentially resulting in hours of frustrations and guaranteed loss of hair. That's my lesson for this release, so never ever forget this when utilizing the full potential of the "Power of Pine". For more information concerning these potential dilemmas, please consult "Execution of Pine functions and historical context inside function blocks" in the "Pine Script v4 User Manual".

Features List Includes:
Dark Background - Easily disabled in indicator Settings->Style for "Light" charts or with Pine commenting
AND much, much more... You have the source!

The comments section below is solely just for commenting and other remarks, ideas, compliments, etc... regarding only this indicator, not others. When available time provides itself, I will consider your inquiries, thoughts, and concepts presented below in the comments section, should you have any questions or comments regarding this indicator. When my indicators achieve more prevalent use by TV members, I may implement more ideas when they present themselves as worthy additions. As always, "Like" it if you simply just like it with a proper thumbs up, and also return to my scripts list occasionally for additional postings. Have a profitable future everyone!
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