Sun Ingress Zodiac

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Astrological signs of the tropical zodiac remain fixed relative to seasonal markers, such as the equinox and solstice points on the sky’s dome.
The zodiac used for the calculations does not correspond to the astronomical zodiac, but to 12 zones of 30 degrees along the ecliptic, measured from the position of the Sun at the spring equinox. The ecliptic is the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

This script allows you see how Sun Ingress Zodiac can affect the Crypto, Stock, Indices & Commodity market.

The objectives of this script are:
1. you can see the Zodiac schedules in certain periods (
2. you can see the correlation between Sun Ingress Zodiac and market reaction (is it turning or is it a swing high/ low? )

Those Dates are the Zodiac schedule (history & future), so when the Zodiac dates arrived, we can forecast the turning or swing high/low in the market (crypto, stocks, commodities & indices), the turning or swing high/low is +/- 1 day.

Those lines are just a simply vertical lines that can help us backtesting easily, hopefully we can take profit from this..

Here are some examples of the specific Zodiac affect:

Sun Ingress Aries

Sun Ingress Taurus

Sun Ingress Gemini

Sun Ingress Cancer

Sun Ingress Leo

Sun Ingress Virgo

Sun Ingress Libra

Sun Ingress Scorpio

Sun Ingress Sagittarius

Sun Ingress Capricorn

Sun Ingress Aquarius

Sun Ingress Pisces

when you subscribe, you will get:
1. Planetary Aspects & Transits (9 Planetary Ruler)
2. Retrogrades
3. Moon Phase, Moon Eclipse & 4 seasons
4. Easy Aspects (Trine & Sextile)
5. Hard Aspects (Opposition, Square & Conjunction)
6. Gann Seasonal Dates
7. Sun Ingress Zodiac

What has been will be again, and what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

(Ecc 1 : 9)
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how to use: 1. click the indicator 2. move it to existing pane above 3. you can play around with color 4. the turning or swinghigh/ low is +/- 1 day 5. Dates & symbols will be updated in the future 6. DM me for the trial access..

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