BTC Net Volume (Spot) (by JaggedSoft, fixed by SLN)

This indicator plots the aggregated net volume delta of BTC spot pairs from 8 exchanges over the last 60 periods (default settings).

Tracks the following pairs:

Used for confirmation when watching futures that can experience quick movements in the form of liquidation-events. If the oscillator is green or trending upward, it's confirming a positive bias. The inverse is true for a negative bias. This is especially true on higher timeframes.
Can also be used to find correlations between different tech-assets.

I forked JaggedSofts indicator to fix the data-source error it was having. Let me know if you want to customize exchanges or add more pairs, maybe I can add that in the future!
This indicator replaces the outdated alternative linked here: Please only use this one

Only tested with normal japanese candlesticks .

to the creator of this script, JaggedSoft. It's a great indicator!

Not financial Advice, use at your own risk.
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