RGB color check tool with RSI [DM]

dgmoon 업데이트됨   
Greetings colleagues.
Here I share a tool that uses the color gradient provided by PineCoders and lucf.
This tool was made for the reason that whenever we start with an idea for a script, we end up consuming a lot of time in selecting suitable colors.
An RSI was taken as a reference for the signal
You have multiple switches for axes, fill, background and colors
You can also change the background so that you can check the contrast with the signals.
The mix of colors with 8 boxes (4 channels for each color as detailed below) for each color since RGB has been defined
Red= 0 a 255
Green= 0 a 255
Blue= 0 a 255
Transparency= 0 a 100

I hope you enjoy it. [ ;-)
릴리즈 노트:
1. Added Two more color variants to the signal of RSI
2, Added Alerts
3. Added visual alerts
릴리즈 노트:
replace rsi function

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