Stochastic RSI and MACD leader [ChuckBanger]

Here I have combined Stochastic RSI with my MACD leader.

MACD leader and Stochastic RSI works well together and they are powerful in combination with My Recursive Bands. It is up to you to back test this properly before you use it in real life trades. But in my opinion it is very powerful.

Because of MACD nature it's a little messy when you turn on the MACD's histogram so I commented that out.

MACD Leader: My Recursive Bands:
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hello how can i implement this
just copy paste?

thanks for answer
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ChuckBanger myfriendje
@myfriendje, Click on the button "Add to Favorite Scripts" in the top right corner of the script and then u find it under Indicator->favorites in any chart u like
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Thanks @ChuckBanger for sharing this. The MACD lines are squeezed and hardly seen when switching to lower TF.
@TY19, Can't do anything about that... But thanks for the feed back :)
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