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#### The MAX_Bot_Trade script is based on the Day_Trade Script.

#### You can see your profits in Strategy. From June 2018 until now

#### Compare with the following version ~
1. Fast_Trade_Strategy back test result 2. Day_Trade_Strategy back test result

The back test results are for reference only, since the above two versions are not intended for bots.


1. Simplifies movement and is suitable for bot trade.
You should check in the basic candle chart.

2. We reduced the number of signals to minimize the fee.

3. Back test result based on maker fee (limit).
It is better to run the bots as a taker fee (market) for sudden drop conditions or SL / TP.

4. Works well in time frame less than 45 minutes.

5. You can usually repaint before the candle finish, so you need to operate the bot as a candle finish criterion.

6. However, in case of a sudden drop, you have to enter before the end of the candle.
(Will be added later)

7. TP function to follow price
(Will be added later)
The upgrade of the script will continue.

8. Please refer to the description of FastTrade Script for announcement about charge change and usage of script.

9. Once the script has been tested, it will be changed to paid.

10. If you have a favorite, please click follow.

good luck !!!!!
릴리즈 노트: 190113 update
- Fixed some repaint.
- added options.
릴리즈 노트: 190128 Re-upload
릴리즈 노트: 20191216 - re upload

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