MACD and RSI divergence by Rexio v2

Hi everyone!
I wrote this indicator for intraday trading and it cannot be use only by itself you need to at least draw some S/R lines to make it useful. It is based at MACD histogram and gives signal when it sees divergence on MACD/RSI/MACD's Histogram (or all at once - settings) when macd's histogram switchs trend. Im using it to playing with a trend most of the time looking for hidden divergence at higher time frame and after that looking for regular divergence at lower time frame.

Im not a computer programist nor professional trader so it is only for educational purposes only.
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Nice script! Are you able to make a version where Divergences are drawn with candle CLOSE rather than highs and lows?
Rexio jenry9284
@jenry9284, it should be easy. Just copy my code and try to change low/high into close (leave highX/Y and lowX/Y as they are only variables names)
@Rexio, works great, thanks!
If anyone knows how to write it down in more professional way ... please help :)
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