Bundle of various indicators, All-in-one

This scripts compiles many indicators into one. It comes from many sources and i added all sources i used. If i forgot one, don't hesitate to message me.
This is useful if you need to setup your chart layout fast. The menu makes it easy to configure it.

You can configure and display:
- Various types of moving averages: RMA, SMA , EMA , WMA , VWMA , SMMA , HullMA, LSMA , DEMA , TEMA
- Stochastic RSI crosses from multi-timeframes directly on candle's close (1h, 4h, D, W)
- Bollinger bands with primary and secondary deviation
- Color background using difference between Stochastic RSI K and D
- Support and resistance
- Open high low close from higher timeframes (D, W, M)
- Auto fibonacci levels (still a work in progress, i will add logarithmic fibonacci levels too later)
- "Alt season" for crypto users: if BTC dominance cross his SMA , display a pictogram on every chart

Stil working on:
- Auto fibonacci levels: i will add logarithmic fibonacci levels
- Stochastic crosses
- Alt season: use others types of moving averages

If you have any suggestions / improvements, feel free to message me or write it in the comments below.
Feb 15
릴리즈 노트: Added some new features:
- Reworked auto-fibonacci tool: look like trading view tool, added logarithmic levels, use new labels from pinescript
- Bollinger bands: added logarithmic
- Reworked OHLC multi time frame: use new labels from pinescript, added ability to extend lines
Feb 15
릴리즈 노트: Update chart
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