Selective Kill Zones by 2tm

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1. I think if you know how to use Kill Zone the this is very helpful to you but the Newbies must find out how to use the Kill Zone.

2. I've colored each Time Zone based on Olympic Flag, So the Yellow is Asia KZ, the blue is Europe I mean London and the Red is America for New York KZ.

3. There are Session Opens / Closes and Market Sessions in each Time Zone.

4. If you need adjust for Summer Time, then just click check box.

5. There are some options for the Period, that is a day, 3 days, a week, a month and a year.

6. It shows on weekends, so you can use on the crypto markets also.

7. Thanks and I hope your successful investment.
릴리즈 노트: Major Update.

Tradingview shows candles based on Exchanges Timer.

So, I make some options to show the Kill Zone properly.

1. You can select the EXCHANGES.
- I'd added CME, CBOE, EUREX, SGX, FTSE, HKFE, BSE and etc.
- If you ask to add other EXCHANGES the leave a comment.

2. You can select the terms to show KZs
- Default set is shown the Kill Zone for a week term

Thank you and have a wish your successful investment.



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