Mod and Round To Tick Function

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I have not found this function anywhere on Tradingview but it can be very useful in setting orders in a strategy and non-integer boundaries for certain indicator designs. Its a bit underwhelming, but in other languages you can call a mod() function and the output will be the remainder of the integer.

If you want to set an order at a specific tick value, particularly in futures, you can't set it at a specific tick when using calculated values like ATR or Standard Deviation without a function like this.

It can also be used to clean up certain band/envelope style indicators if you want to have a straight line, but don't want to simply round to an integer.

Credit for the round to tick aspect goes to the eternal fountain of resources, the Backtesting & Trading Engine script from @pinecoders

This is just another tool to throw in the box for when you might need it.
릴리즈 노트:
Update to v5... I thought I did that already... guess not. =) We got it now.
Its pretty much irrelevant now because of math.round_to_mintick() But the code still works. If you are putting it to a string you can use str.tostring(x, format.mintick) to make it so your decimal places display consistently even if they are zeros. It looks a lot better.

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