I have written this indicator after two years of continuous experience in writing and backtesting for several different indicators, and I believe that this indicator with its high capabilities can show you the best point of entry into the market as well as exit from it. arsix should work with any time frame and any instrument used.
This indicator has many points to understand so that you can make the best possible use of it, in the following I will try to bring you some of the most important points:
First, we will have an introduction of the different parts of the indicator:
The above line is a relatively simple but very useful formula to determine the momentum of chart. To understand the exact formula, you can refer to the source of the program itself, and its two colors are used to determine the direction of movement.
At the bottom, we have three opposing elements.
The first is the RSI14 line with dark blue color, the second is the RMA or Relative Momentum Index(RMI20) line with the number 20 for Momentum , which will significantly help us understand the overall momentum of the chart, this part is also made in two colors to increase or It will show the decline of the overall momentum of the chart.
And finally, we have a bar chart that is again created in two colors, and this histogram also calculates the momentum chart with a different formula.
And now let's talk about how to interpret these tools and how to use them for Trading:
At first, you may have the question that all these different indicators are not excessive to determine the momentum chart and are all of them necessary? In response, I must say that yes, each of these parts has been selected and made with great care and with my previous experience, the full explanation of each of these parts is beyond the scope of this article, and I will try to explain it in short words. I will give you a general understanding of each one of them and the rest is up to you to find out their capabilities by working more with these tools.
The main thing is to know that none of these tools alone will bring you success and it is their teamwork together that will help you achieve success.
For the sake of simplicity, I will tell you when to open a buy position with this indicator And you can then use this definition of the main thread to interpret the rest of the capabilities of this indicator.
To open a buy position, first the upper indicator should turn light blue, at the same time, the RMI indicator should also turn light blue, and you should also see that this RMI indicator shows the momentum of the overall chart in order to increase. in this case you will be almost sure that the general trend of the chart is towards the rise of the price. In the next step, to determine the exact point of the Entry, you have to wait until the RSI indicator passes the number 50 in this state and at the same time, make sure that the histogram also turns green and shows the increasing direction of momentum in the market, when the RSI is in This state crossed the number 50, you can enter the buy position, it should be noted that due to a series of restrictions, I have moved the RSI indicator down by 50 numbers, so as a result, the number 50 for RSI here is equivalent to The same number zero.

This was an example of how to work with this indicator, I hope that it helped you to understand how to use this indicator. In the end, I would like to point out again that the main topic is understanding the group and mutual behavior of each of the indicators' tools together. For example, if the RSI indicator crosses the number 50 here, but the histogram does not grow or shows a small growth, this indicates that the movement will be low, or for another example, if the RSI indicator cross over From the RMI indicator, This means that the market is very high, and as a result, it is a great opportunity to hold a buy position. In the same way, other parts of this indicator can also be interpreted in opposition to each other.

I hope this indicator will help you in better trades. I look forward to your constructive comments. Thanks Hamid Moradi.

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