Pip Crosshairs

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This is a simple tool designed to help you visualize your stop loss and take profit levels before entering a trade. The tool plots two lines on the chart - a green dotted line for take profit and a red dotted line for stop loss (similar to the price line) - with a simulated default spread of one pip factored in. The indicator has the option to toggle between long and short positions.

Please note that the spread used in the tool is not based on your actual spread and should be adjusted accordingly. As, to the best of my knowledge Pine Script does not have the ability to automatically include spread in an indicator, so you will need to input your spread manually. (if you can please let me know cause that would be a game changer).

Overall, should help save you a bit of time by not having to manually measure stop loss and take profit levels for each trade.

Happy hunting :)
릴리즈 노트:
corrected short position scripting to correctly include spread :)
릴리즈 노트:
for some reason didnt update. short spread calculation fixed now :)
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