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Fundamentals provide a method to set the financial value of a company, security, or currency. Included in fundamental analysis is basic qualitative and quantitative information that contributes to the asset's financial or economic well-being. Macroeconomic fundamentals include topics that affect an economy at large. Microeconomic fundamentals focus on the activities within smaller segments of the economy. For businesses, information such as profitability, revenue, assets, liabilities, and growth potential are considered fundamentals

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!!! Intrinsic Value Explained
There is no universal standard for calculating the intrinsic value of a company. The formula here is a partially differentiated version of the Ben Graham formula.


Intrinsic value = Earning Per Share * MultiplierbySpecialRate * AveragePricetoEarnings * Power(Multiplier by SpecialRate, DiscountYear) * USMoneySupply2 / Power((1 + DiscountRate), DiscountYear) * USMoneySupply0

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