ICT MTF Order Block Wicks [MK]

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Order Blocks are significant levels that may act as support or resistance to price. Often the wick area is where price may react. The script finds order blocks as per ICT trading system, then plots either the top or bottom wick area to the right side of price. Plotting to the right side of price allows for a cleaner chart. The script is MTF and can display order block boxes for the following timeframes. 5,10,15,30,1hr,4hr,8hr,12hr,D,W,M. Only order blocks of a higher timeframe than the current chart can be shown.

Below shows how order block wicks should be drawn on a 1hr chart NOTE: this is not what the indicator does, its only for explanation.

Below shows the same 1hr order blocks, but shown on a 15min chart NOTE: this is the function of this indicator.
릴리즈 노트:
Update to enable OB boxes to stay ahead of price.
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