Quick Levels

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Quick Levels allow users to quickly add multiple levels to their chart all at once through an intuitive user interface!
No need to fiddle with drawing lines and then inputting their exact position afterwards, do all of it with one string of numbers!
Insert multiple levels at once, simply separate your price levels by commas(,).
Insert levels across tickers to save time when switching between charts.

For users coming from "Copy/Paste Levels", this system is very robust.
The only user input variable that is not multiple choice is the "levels" box. I have taken steps to fool proof this box, by (input processing) removing spaces, removing commas at the start or end, and replacing semicolons with commas. You can see in the cover chart that the inputs for the first level have a lot of spaces and a comma at the end, yet it does not effect the output.
If there is no ticker entered in the "Ticker" box, the levels will be drawn on your current chart.

릴리즈 노트:
removed the confirm from the tickers, accidentally had that left in...whoops
릴리즈 노트:
updated for the "Zone" update for Copy/Paste Levels.
Remember, zones only work when there is only 2 lvls included in the line with the zone.
Nothing will display when more or less are used.

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