QuantNomad - Elastic Volume Weighted Moving Average

EVWMA is a quite interesting moving average where period of the MA is defined from volume itself.
It incorporates volume information in a natural and logical way. The eVWMA can be looked at as an approximation to the average price paid per share.

As a volume period you can use:
- Absolute volume value, for example floating number of shares. 134M for Tesla for example.
- Sum of the last x bars volumes.

Indicator was developer by Christian P. Fries, Ph .D.
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I think a very interesting use for this tool is comparing the trend of evwma versus vwap. Allow evwma to focus on the volume trend while vwap will obviously bring in the price trend as well. Then when the two are complementing each other the asset being studied will certainly have a trend bias.

QuantNomad coondawg71
@coondawg71, Hey, it's interesting idea, can't see you chart using this link.
I couldn't get the idea how floating of shares effecting the result here. Anyone can explain ?
This is very good idea, would be interesting to compare with performance of volume oriented ma's
I love anything volume, many thanks !
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