Unit Renko Box Size

This is a simple script that shows two averages for box size on Uni Renko system for users to use.

The user should use the green line (Box Size) that is more persistent in the last hour. if there are equal minutes between two numbers, use the upper number.

Now users can easily check the timed candle sticks at the start of the day for three time frames we use in my methodology, set the box size for the charts at the start of the day and continue trading the whole day.

The charts now will sit on "traditional" setting rather than previously used "atr", no thanks to trading view's amazingly wrong way of calculating renko !!!!
릴리즈 노트: Fixed the formula for forex and small tick size markets (crypto alts to bitcoin)
릴리즈 노트: Added 8 digits of precision to the sizes to show up, specially needed after recent update on traiding view (caused the precision box to be missing for unknown reason) and 8 digits because of crypto !
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