[RS]Supertrend Grid

Dynamic grid system based on supertrend.

note: the input nlines/nfractions are not locked so if values too high might start overlapping line objects.
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Um...could someone explain this to me :)
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Simply the super and outstanding pinescripter of all time .Good work once again .
It's a shame that we can't replace line 42 with this:

It seems like a lot of the brilliance of scripters like yourself is spent working around unnecessary restrictions in Pinescript!
RicardoSantos SimpleCryptoLife
@SimpleCryptoLife, finding those workarounds is what makes it fun :)
not that i wouldnt mind a full fledged language, but i dont think i would do half the stuff published if not for those
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SimpleCryptoLife RicardoSantos
@RicardoSantos, That's a glass-half-full way to look at it. Fair play :-)
My brain got neater just reading this script
Can anyone help me understand grid
RicardoSantos kamalcife
@kamalcife, you can use grid nlines and fractions to control your positioning with fractioned positions
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This script is good at catching price direction and trading price reversal. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Why the vertical lines, what role are they playing?
RicardoSantos ilesanmipepsi
@ilesanmipepsi, not really important, just multiplication of previous trend, but showcases how to use a line buffer to manually control various groups of lines
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