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Tradingview community. Warm Greetings.

EuronextParis Stocks Screener

I am sharing a script that screens Euronext Paris stocks for Probable Breakout Buy signal and Stop-Reverse Buy Signal. This script may prove to be useful to traders who trade Euronext Paris listed stocks.

I have already shared the script "PriceCatch-Signals - Buy Signals" that marks the following levels on the chart.

  • Probable Breakout Buy Level
  • Stop-Reverse Buy Level

While the script "PriceCatch-Signals - Buy Signals" can be used independently, this script is intended to be used with the script "PriceCatch-Signals - Buy Signals".
Used together, these two scripts may help you identify probable buy opportunities. The purpose of this script is to help screen stocks quickly without manually going through every stock in your watchlist.

Please read the Notes of the script "PriceCatch-Signals - Buy Signals" for explanation of its functionality.

Stock Set
As Tradingview limits the number of security function calls, to get around, you have to select Set1 to screen first set of 25 stocks and then select Set2 to screen next set of 25 stocks.

Chart resolution vs. Script resolution
I have noticed that if the chart resolution is set to 15 minutes timeframe and the screener resolution is selected as 2 Hours, then the results are correct. However, if the screener resolution is set to 5 minutes, then the results are not accurate. This is not an issue with script. So scanning higher timeframes from a lower timeframe chart works better. My advice however, is better to set the chart resolution to the same interval as screener resolution for sure results.
As usual with price action, longer time-frames produce more reliable signals.

Chart set to Daily timeframe and shows Derichebourg stock. Screener shows a Stop-Reverse Buy Opportunity on GET.

Example 2
Chart set to 30 min. timeframe and shows Derichebourg stock. Screener shows a Stop-Reverse Buy Opportunity on VIV .

Please remember that the script is shared with absolutely no assurances about usability and any warranties whatsoever and as a responsible trader, please satisfy yourselves thoroughly and use it only if you are satisfied it works for you. Remember, you are 100% responsible for your actions. If you understand and accept that, you may use the script.

Please PM me.

Regards to all and wish everyone all the best with trading.
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Requesting to use PriceCatch Euronext Paris Stocks Screener v1
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Chart updated.

The set up is the Edge!
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