Golden Ratio Multiples

I call this "Phi Ribbons." The Golden Ratio, also known as Phi, is fantastic at predicting areas of price reversal.

Every moving average is a fibonacci multiple of the base function 355 SMA .

The rainbow above is an array of fibonacci multiples that are greater than one (1.618, 2, 2.618, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21)

The rainbow below is an array of fibonacci multiples that are less than one (0.786, 0.618, 0.5, 0.382, 0.236, 0.14)

Notice the precision of marking areas of potential price reversals

EASTER EGG: The two moving averages at the top of the script are 355 SMA & 113 SMA . This is one of the lowest ratios that closely approximates Pi (3.14159).

Simply plotting the 133 SMA will add a unique feature:

355/133 = 3.14159

When the 113 crosses below the 355 it tends to mark the end of major bullish impulses, and a crossover is a bullish sign.
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hi .short or long position?
BullRider802 hakhamaneshcow
@hakhamaneshcow, thanks for asking. Based off of this indicator alone I wouldn’t make a trade. It helps confirm maturation of longer trends. However, we are nearing one of the Fibonacci levels, and based off of other factors I am thinking it will test it as resistance and fail. So short
hakhamaneshcow BullRider802
tanks bull. im amatour. so continue your ideal. im trust your analzing .
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