ICT Sessions [Killzones]

This indicator was initially Created by @BryceWH.
Modification by @leonsholo

The indicator uses New York Time

I modified it to match my own criteria which includes:
- I adjusted the time zones.
- Added tags to the settings to make it easy to know which kill zones you are toggling on or off.
- Added the Asia session
- Added the London Close session

How The Indicator Works
Plots the Asia, London, New York and London Close Kill zone as overlay boxes using current daily high / lows.
Marked ranges will move as days range / high and low widens.
Middle fills can be turned on and off.
Colours can be changed to match your preference.
Created this indicator because I didn't like highlighting the whole chart background as seen in other ICT Kill zone indicators on trading view and wanted something visually clearer.
Boxes height can be changed. Positive number puts the box outside current days high and low, negative number puts box inside current days high and low.

" Adapted from Chris Moody's original indicator HLOC" - BryceWH

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