Full Crypto Swing Strategy ALMA Cross with MACD

This is a full crypto swing strategy designed.
From my testing it looks like it perform the best on timeframes 4h +.

The below example has been adapted to BNB/USDT , using the entire period since 2017 until present day, with a comission of 0.03% ( which is the comission for the futures on binance).

Its components are :
MACD Histogram

Rules for entry
For long, we have a crossover of the fast alma with the slow one and the histogram is ascending.
For short, we have a crossunder of the fast alma with the slow one and the histogram is descending.

Rules for exit
We exit based on a risk management system for TP and SL, or when we receive an opposite condition than the initial one.

Regarding risk management
0.05 = 5% movement
2 = 200% movement
0.001 = 0.1% movement

If you have any questions, let me know !

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