Smart Money Setup 02 [TradingFinder] Mitigated Major OB Proof


"Smart money" is money invested by knowledgeable individuals at the right time, and this investment can yield the highest returns.

The concept we focus on in this indicator is whether the market is in an uptrend or downtrend. The market briefly takes a weak and reversal trend with "Minor BoS" without being able to break the major pivot.

In the next step, it returns to its main trend with a strong bullish move and continues its trend with a "Major BoS". The "order block" behind this rapid and powerful movement can be a valid order block for trading.

To better understand this setup, please refer to the explanations in the two images below.

Bullish Setup Details:

Bearish Setup Details:

🔵How to Use
After adding the indicator to the chart, you should wait for trading opportunities to form. By changing the "Time Frame" and "Period Pivot", you can see different trading positions. In general, the lower the "Time Frame" and "Period Pivot", the higher the likelihood of forming trading opportunities.

Bullish Setup Details on Chart:

Bearish Setup Details on Chart:

You can access "Period Pivot" via settings as an input.

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