STD-Filtered Variety RSI of Double Averages w/ DSL [Loxx]

STD-Filtered Variety RSI of Double Averages w/ DSL is a standard deviation step filtered RSI indicator that is calculated using double smoothing. The user can choose from 8 different RSI types and 38 different double smoothing types. This indicator uses Discontinued Signal Lines instead of regular signals and levels. This allows the signals to be more precise in catching early trend breakouts and breakdowns.

Things to note
  • Double smoothing of the source does not function like DEMA , for example. This double smoothing is just smoothing of smoothing of source
  • There are two types of smoothing for Discontinued Signals Lines: Regular EMA and Fast EMA
  • T3 RSI has been added on top of Loxx's Variety RSI library

Contained inside this indicator
Loxx's Moving Averages

Loxx's Variety RSI

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  • Bar coloring
  • Alerts
  • 2 types of signals with precision adjustment
  • Loxx's Variety RSI
  • Loxx's Moving Averages

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