Gann Angle Table Calculator Plotter

This indicator was build upon based on Gann Angle and Gann Multiplier as refered of The Tunnel Thru The Air Or Looking Back From 1940, written by WD Gann .
Credits to FaizHebat for calculation.

Indicator features :
1. Font size from tiny to huge.
2. Table position.
3. Color for cell table and plot can be input or reversed.
4. Plot can be show or hide and also price can be track.
5. Able show currency and decimal price.
6. Gann table and Calculation table can show or hide.
7. Each Gann point can be hide including plot and calculation.
8. For desktop display only, not for mobile.

Pros :
1. Can be used as single or more indicator. (Chart show 2 same indicator with different setup)

Cons :
1. Price must be input before selecting any Gann Point.


1. Credits
WD Gann , The Tunnel Thru The Air Or Looking Back From 1940

2. Code Usage
Free to use for personal usage.

Positive direction with Currency and Decimal

Positive direction with Currency and Decimal

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