The "BUY/SELL RSI FLUX v1.0" indicator is designed to provide buy and sell signals based on the RSI (Relative Strength Index) and price action in relation to support and resistance levels. It overlays directly on the price chart and includes the following components:

- Support and Resistance Levels: Determined over a specified number of bars (lengthSR), these levels represent potential barriers where price action may stall or reverse.

- ATR (Average True Range): Used to measure market volatility. While it's calculated in the script, it's not visualized on the chart as per the latest modification.

- RSI: The RSI is calculated over a defined period (lengthRSI) and is used to identify overbought or oversold conditions. Buy signals are generated when the RSI is below the oversold threshold (rsiOversold) and the price is above the support level. Conversely, sell signals occur when the RSI is above the overbought threshold (rsiOverbought), the price is below the resistance level, and additionally, the price is below a long-term moving average, which acts as a trend filter.

- Long-Term Moving Average: This moving average is plotted to help identify the prevailing market trend. Sell signals are filtered based on the price's position in relation to this moving average.

- Buy/Sell Signals: Visual representations in the form of shapes are plotted below (for buy) or above (for sell) the price bars to indicate potential entry points.

By combining these elements, the indicator aims to provide high-probability trading signals that align with both the market's momentum and trend.
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