RSI Confirm Trend with Williams (W%R)

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RSI Confirm Trend with Williams (W%R)

This is the "RSI Confirm Trend with Williams (W%R)" indicator
This is a modification of the "RSI Trends" indicator by zzzcrypto123.

What Is the Relative Strength Index (RSI)?
The relative strength index (RSI) is a momentum indicator used in technical analysis. RSI measures the speed and magnitude of a security's recent price changes to evaluate overvalued or undervalued conditions in the price of that security.

What is Williams %R?
Williams %R, also known as the Williams Percent Range, is a type of momentum indicator that moves between 0 and -100 and measures overbought and oversold levels. The Williams %R may be used to find entry and exit points in the market. The indicator is very similar to the Stochastic oscillator and is used in the same way. It was developed by Larry Williams and it compares a stock’s closing price to the high-low range over a specific period, typically 14 days or periods.

How Does "RSI Confirm Trend with Williams (W%R)" work?
This indicator combines the momentum of both RSI and Williams %R by adding upper and lower thresholds. When the thresholds are broken, this indicator changes color from gray to either green or red.

What Are The Thresholds?
The default RSI thresholds are 55 and 45. These values are configurable.
The default Williams %R thresholds are 80 and 20. These values are configurable and made positive so it can be plotted against the RSI line.

How To Use?
  • When the RSI exceeded the upper/lower thresholds, the RSI line color will change from gray to lighter green/red color.
  • When the Williams %R exceeded the upper/lower thresholds, the RSI color will change to darker green/red color signifying a strong momentum in that direction.
  • When the RSI color is gray, this means the RSI and Williams %R thresholds are not broken which can also signify as no trend or consolidation.

The Williams %R line is not displayed by default but can be enabled using the checkbox provided in the Style tab.
This "RSI Confirm Trend with Williams (W%R)" indicator can be combined with other technical indicators to verify the idea behind this theory.


The information contained in this indicator does not constitute any financial advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any securities of any type.
My scripts/indicators/ideas are for educational purposes only!
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Added RSI MA - default is SMA with length of 14

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