Estimate, Earnings, Surprise Earnings

This plot helps you to show estimate earnings, reported earnings, and surprise earnings of a company inside a chart.
  • Estimate earnings is the projection of earnings of a company by the analysts for a given period of time.
  • Earnings is a company's reported profits (or sometimes a loss if going negative) in a given quarter or fiscal year.
  • Surprise earnings is an earning (or sometimes a loss if going negative) which is above (or even below) the estimated or reported earnings .

Estimate earning is plotted by white lines

Reported Earnings is plotted by columns, where positive number is blue and negative number is purple.

Surprise Earnings is plotted by columns, where positive number is green and negative number is red.

You surely will be able to tweak and customize all the colors above with color you find comfortable.

Since earnings are reported every quarter of the year, this plot will gives a good view when you put it inside a 3 Months timeframe.

Hope this helpful.
릴리즈 노트: Update 29 Nov 2021 (v.0.2)

Change Estimated Earnings chart type from line to stepline to make it easier to see.

Adds Standardized Earnings into indicator, because sometimes the company doesn't provide much detailed information. If you browse a stocks that doesn't have earnings information, you need to enable Standardized Earnings first because it's unticked by default.

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