Variation from Opening

📈 Purpose: This script provides traders with a clear visualization of the percentage variation from the opening price for two major futures contracts: ES1! (S&P 500 futures) and NQ1! (Nasdaq 100 futures).

🔑 Key Features:

  • Real-Time Price Retrieval: Fetches the latest opening prices for ES1! and NQ1! contracts.
  • Percentage Variation Computation: Determines the percentage change from the opening price, offering traders an immediate view of market dynamics.
  • Clear Visualization: Plots the percentage variation for both contracts in distinct colors (red for ES1! and blue for NQ1!) for easy differentiation.

💡 Benefits:

  • Informed Trading: Understand intraday price movements to make better trading decisions.
  • Versatility: While tailored for ES1! and NQ1!, the script can be adapted for other securities.
  • Clean Display: A focused, clutter-free chart ensures traders can quickly gauge market movements.

🎯 Ideal For: Traders looking to monitor intraday price shifts of major futures contracts.

Equip yourself with the "Variation from Opening" script and enhance your trading insights!
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