Smarter Pullback + Candlestick Pattern (Steven Hart)

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Built with love "Smarter Pullback + Candlestick Pattern"

This indiator will help you to find a Pullback + Candlestick Pattern, inspirated by Steven Hart

You can combine with your own strategy, or use this purely
Measure the risk first before use it in real market
Backtest The Strategy was very important, so you know the probability

Fundamentally Logical :
Pullback (Some Previous candle is Red for Bull Pullback vice versa)
the Entry candle must be a Candlestick Pattern

Features :
1. Engulfing
2. Hammer & Shooting Star
3. Doji

How to use it :
1. Adjust the Pullback Period
2. Check and Uncheck the Pattern you want to see
3. Adjust the style to your favourite

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