[TTM] HTF Candle Overlay (Power of 3)

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Introducing the all-new Higher Timeframe Candle Overlay indicator, crafted from the foundational principles of AMD (Accumulation, Manipulation, and Distribution) and PO3 (Power of 3). Elevate your trading strategy with this innovative tool, designed to provide deeper insights into market dynamics.
Explore ICT's resources for detailed insights on leveraging this in your trading strategy.

  • Display up to 20 historical candles from any timeframe higher than the current chart's timeframe.
  • Auto Timeframe feature dynamically sets the higher timeframe based on the current chart's timeframe. For instance, on a 15-minute chart, you can display 1-hour candles, and on a 1-hour chart, you can display 4-hour candles, eliminating the need to update the timeframe settings manually.
  • Load multiple instances of the indicator with different timeframes (e.g., 4H and Daily, as shown in the preview image).
  • Option to Show/Hide Candle open line.
  • Option to Show/Hide Candle Timeframe.
  • Option to Show/Hide each candle's time/day.

🌟Coming Soon🌟
Fair value gaps highlighted on HTF overlay candles.

Happy Trading!
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🌟 v1.1 Release Notes 🌟
  • Fixed issues where candles failed to load correctly for certain assets (Currencies).
  • Enjoy enhanced functionality: the indicator is now accessible on timeframes lower than 1 minute!
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