COT Net Non-Commercials vs Commercials (Updated MTF Non-Repaint)

Hello there,
With this script, you can see CFTC COT Non Commercial and Commercial Positions together.
This way, you can analyze net values ​​greater than 0 and smaller, as well as very dense and very shallow positions of producers and speculators.

Green - Non Commercials - Speculators
Red - Commercials - Producers

This script is multi time-frame and non-repaint script.
Data pulled through Quandl.
And the latest version codes have been used.

As time goes by, I will try to make useful modifications to this scheme.

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Noldo PineCoders
@PineCoders, Thank you !!
Hi Noldo,

Is it possible to add a total of 28 currency pairs into the COT script?
For example, I couldnt see any info when I tried to use it on GBPCHF pair.
Are the red and green lines a perfect duality?
Noldo blackcat1402
@blackcat1402, mean inverse symmetry?
+1 응답
@Noldo, yes, I mean that.
Hello, the indicator can't work anymore, what did happen? I found others for Mt4 platform and those don't work too
Noldo ArgentTrader
@ArgentTrader, Hello , seems to be working :

I'll quote Adam from Movement Capital (

In a nutshell, analyzing any one CoT report in isolation is pointless. It is crucial to know not if commercials or speculators are net long or net short, but rather how extreme their position is relative to the past. I use percentiles to give context to the current net positioning number.

For example, consider the position of commercial traders in corn over the past five years. If their most bullish position had been net short 12,363 contracts, and their most bearish position had been net short 555,715 contracts, then the current net CoT position of net short 426,928 contracts would translate to a five-year percentile of 24%. A percentile of 0% would mean that commercials are more net short than they’ve ever been in the past five years.

While creating a percentile to give context to net positioning is a step forward, it’s still a flawed approach for one reason: you have to account for markets growing and shrinking over time. In the above example, what if when commercials had their huge net short position of 555,715 contracts the open interest in corn futures was 2,088,225 contracts? Now, the market is smaller since the open interest is only 1,707,744. So the current net short position of 426,928 is “bigger” relative to the total size of the market than it would have been when open interest was +20% higher.

The solution is simple. Rather than calculating percentiles solely based on net position numbers, I calculate percentiles based on net position numbers as a percentage of open interest. Using the exact same data from above, here’s the data adjusted for OI:

Most Bullish Position: -12,363 contracts on 11/1/2013 (when OI was 1,902,900) = -0.65%
Most Bearish Position: -450,253 contracts on 6/17/2016 (when OI was 1,531,416) = -29.40%
Current Position: -426,928 contracts on 3/10/2017 (when OI was 1,707,744) = -24.99%

Using the above three numbers, the 5-year percentile is now 15%. This is much less than the previous reading of 24%. Why? Because open interest in corn has decreased and the current net short position of -426,928 is bigger relative to the size of the market than it would have been a few years ago.
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