Futures Exchange Sessions 3.0


The ultimate conclusion to the Futures Exchange Sessions 2.0 indicator. In version 3.0 the user gets full control of the start and end times of three separate dynamic boxes and one horizontal line. If the user wants to visually keep track of killzones, lunches, or any other time span in a trading day, version 3.0 will dynamically expand and keep track of price within the time specified by the user.

Inputs and Style

Everything about the three dynamic boxes and one horizontal line can but independently configured. Color, style, border, width can all be adjusted. In the Settings each box has a text box so the user can give each one a unique name.


All of the start and end times are in EST. Additionally, each box and line need a dependent start of each day. This is controlled by a setting where the user can specify a timezone called Start Day Timezone which would be midnight of the respective timezone. In general if a box or line resides within a particular Session pick the corresponding timezone. If the users box/line fits in the Asian Session then choose Asia/Shanghai. If the box/line is within the London Session then choose Europe/London. And the same goes for the New York Session.

Special Notes

  • If start time is within one period of the Start Day Timezone in the Settings, then the line/box won't display
  • Boxes and time lines only display when timeframe is <= 30 minute
  • To turn off box text label set opacity to 0%

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