As in the decomposition of time series data, the indicator was modified from the deseasonalized process, to avoid overfitting as in the original format, aiming to exclude seasonal component (shorter time-period in consideration), thus leaving trend and irregularity. The indicator is expected to identify short-term trends, based on the given timeframe.

Length set to 10-bar as default, while reducing the length to e.g. 8 increase more responsive of the fitted data, however inline to increase a false trend identification (bias-variance trade-off). To be noted, the indicator wasn't a momentum indicator , thus can only expect the trend identifier instead. If the price is above the fitted line (indicator), and experiencing a retracement, regularly expected to be bounced around the fitted line (support), while if breaks to the downside, expected a trend reversal, and become a (resistance).

  • Buy/Long overlay signal
  • Sell/Short overlay signal
  • Alert
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