Thange Momentum Kicks

Title: Thange Momentum Kicks Indicator - Identify Strong Bullish and Bearish Candles

The Thange Momentum Kicks indicator is a small tool designed to identify strong bullish and bearish candles in a candlestick price chart. By analyzing the momentum and size of each candle, this indicator highlights potential significant price movements.

The indicator marks strong bullish candles with a "Bull Kick" label to signal their strength on price action. Similarly, strong bearish candles are identified with the "Bear Kick" label. These kicks are characterized by their size and momentum, indicating a high probability of significant price movement.

The indicator allows traders and investors to easily spot these kicks on their charts, helping them make quick decisions. It calculates the percentage momentum of each candle and compares it to the specified thresholds for bullish and bearish kicks.

Key Features:

- Identifies strong bullish and bearish candles ("Kicks") based on momentum and size.
- Customizable input parameters for setting the percentage thresholds for kicks.
- Labels and tooltips provide essential information such as momentum, percentage change, open, and close prices.
- Differentiates between bullish kicks with blue color and bearish kicks with a unique pink color.
- Plots the candles with the specified colors for easy visualization.


1. Look for the "Kicks" labeled candles on your chart.
2. Bullish kicks indicate strong upward momentum, while bearish kicks represent strong downward momentum.
3. Consider the size and momentum of the kicks when making trading decisions.
4. Combine the Thange Momentum Kicks indicator with other technical analysis tools for a comprehensive market analysis.

Note: The Thange Momentum Kicks indicator is most effective when used in conjunction with other indicators, chart patterns, and risk management strategies to confirm signals and optimize trade entries and exits.

Disclaimer: This indicator should be used as a tool for technical analysis and does not guarantee specific trading outcomes. Users should exercise their own discretion and risk management when making trading decisions based on this indicator.

I hope my Thange Momentum Kicks indicator enhances your trading experience and helps you identify strong bullish and bearish candles with ease. Happy trading!
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