UCS - Sector Rating

Previously I have posted Index Rating Indicator to help gauge the strong and weak index.

Now Its the Sectors.

This should help you choose sectors / Stocks within sectors, regardless of being a trend trader or contrarian. i.e. Trading with Strength or Against it.

Notice, At the time of me posting it.

The rally is supported heavily by XLK (TECH) and XLV - (BioTECH). Weakness from there would push the market down. Some cases the sectors rotate as well.

All In All, I use this to quickly pick stocks that are from stronger sectors to play pullbacks, or huge rally to play contrarian.

------------------------- YES I play both sides ------------------

One Last Information

Markets are classified into 3 Segments, Cyclical, Sensitive and Stable.

Stable - XLU, XLP, XLV

Sensitive - XLI, XLK, XLB

Cyclical - XLF, XLY, XLE

Knowing where the market money is flowing gives you a good edge.

Later I will post the composition of Sectors and the Markets Combined <B> Strength Index measured through Sectors <B> soon I figure out a way to make it presentable.

- Enjoy trading.

Uday C Santhakumar
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