Kagi Implementation (+ATR)

My Own Kagi Indicator Implementation!
I couldn't find anywhere on the internet a simple implementation of the Kagi indicator (apart from a seemingly complicated JavaScript implementation).
So I decided to implement it myself and test it against the built-in Kagi indicator calculated by the built-in security function - They ended up exactly the same! (You can see my orange plot completely covers the security's purple plot)
My calculations are based on this article from a site called "euroland", the article is called "Kagi Chart" (I can't post the link because of TradingView restrictions)
Bonus: The built-in kagi indicator uses only Fixed Amount Reversal Size. One that is interested in an ATR Reversal Size can modify the calculation a bit (see script's comments) to easily create and use it.

Some interesting info about the security function I discovered while doing this script:
After I implemented it I noticed that my calculations are the same except the fact that all my values are delayed by 1 bar (relative to the security's indicator). After some research I discovered that the security function uses future data in it's calculation and therefore it cannot be trusted for testing live-trading strategies, unless it is given the appropriate parameters (see script for example).

Have fun trading and don't lose money!
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