CS Buy/Sell Strategy (read the description)

Get Buy/Sell signals and check their profitability in the Strategy Tester.

This script has been tested for the crypto space ( Bitcoin , Ethereum , etc.) but works for other assets, as well.

I recommend to apply strategy tests on different time-frames (usually daily and 4hr work best) and go with the most profitable ones.

In the settings you have the ability to test the strategy using from - to dates to narrow down best profitable trade periods.

In order to add this strategy to your chart, click on "Add to favorite scripts" and in then, in your chart, go to Indicator and add it from your favorites.

If you have questions, please send me a message.

There is also a Long/Short focused script available with the ability to set alerts (requires an invite). If you want to add it. Just send me a message to get an invite:

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