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I produced a strategy using short term ema intersections.
A short-term low capital buy signal creates a yellow background after the red background color. Here, profit should be taken by following the trend.
When the green background is formed, positions can be increased, the price will lead us to a safer market.
Exposures can be turned off in the formation of a red background.
The pink zigzag average always shows the Weekly ma9. Price should be followed above the MA9 weekly average which will allow us to see medium term positive price movements.
As a result, the background colors will present a more understandable graph in price movements up and down movements.
The above strategy will generate signals as long and short.
You can make the coloring you want from the settings section.
릴리즈 노트:
The ma9 indicator was using incorrect data in the previous script.
Bug fixed by updating

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