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릴리즈 노트: Adding % lines for scalping (1%, 2%, 3%,4%, 5%).
Optional indicators: EMA, SAR, BB, PSR, RSI bars and bg, Macd bg
Recommended to use with other indicators: Volume, Macd
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Looking for learning how to add text and values into the graphic, any help welcome
Agregando % líneas para scalping (1%, 2%, 3%,4%, 5%).
Indicadores opcionales: EMA, SAR, BB, PSR, barras de RSI y bg, Macd bg
Recomendado para usar con otros indicadores: Volumen, Macd
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Buscando aprender a agregar texto y valores en el gráfico, cualquier ayuda es bienvenida

// Donations LTC: LMv8Vg4KZF8Bd5P4D8YA5WG3b4Z1RvUy4z
// Donations ETH: 0x61cfBed3F177f7144E771A1ad8740b44084FDe7C
// Donations BTC: 15kg9D8J1kVGcGfG7NMPFmYArHCNA2LMeE
릴리즈 노트: update: number of % lines variable from 0 to 10
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