SuperTrend Trapping Candle Strategy

Hello traders!

How this indicator works?
The main functionality of this indicator is to find entry based upon SuperTrend indicator. This indicator helps us to find trapping candle to enter into the market.

What is a trapping candle?
A trapping candle is a candle that shows strength in opposite direction to SuperTrend. This helps us to enter in a trade before the move start in the current trend's direction. There are two types of trapping candles signals I have added currently:
1. Volume is high than previous candle in the opposite direction.
2. 3 candles of opposite direction with decreasing volume .

How to enter in a trade in uptrend market?
SuperTrend shows a green signal
A green triangle formed below red candle
Enter into the trade when price is above red candle high
SL could be place below red candle or swing low if it is near

How to enter in a trade in downtrend market?
SuperTrend shows a red signal
A red triangle formed above green candle
Enter into the trade when price is below green candle low
SL could be place above green candle high or swing high if it is near

How to avoid to enter in a trade in sideways market?
You can follow price action strategies
Or you can follow some indicator to find sideways market

Indicator settings and how to change?
ATR Length - For SuperTrend, this is default value.
Factor - For SuperTrend, changed to 2 to provide fast signals.
Candle Height - For trapping candle price, default set to 0.003% of the current price.
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