Bitcoin Halving Cycle Profit

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The Bitcoin Halving Cycle Profit indicator, developed by Kevin Svenson, unveils a consistent and predetermined profit-taking cycle triggered by each Bitcoin halving event. This indicator streamlines the analysis of halving occurrences, providing explicit signals for both profit-taking and Dollar-Cost Averaging strategies.

Following each Bitcoin halving event, a fixed number of weeks consistently mark the period of maximum profitability for profit-taking:

🔄 Halving Cycle Profit Timeline Explained:
• 40 Weeks (Post-Halving) = Start of the optimal profit-taking zone.
• 80 Weeks (Post-Halving) = "Last Call" for profit-taking before the onset of a bear market.
• 125 Weeks (Post-Halving) = The optimal timeframe to begin Dollar-Cost Averaging.

(Bitcoin Weekly Chart using Halving Cycle Profit)

One standout feature of this indicator is its inherent clarity and comprehensive labeling. This quality makes it exceptionally easy to discern the locations of key factors and turning points, enhancing your understanding of the market dynamics it highlights.

(Bitcoin Daily Chart using Halving Cycle Profit)

🚀 This indicator doesn't limit its effectiveness to just Bitcoin; it seamlessly integrates with top blue-chip altcoins like Ethereum and most household names in the crypto industry.

(Ethereum Weekly Chart using Halving Cycle Profit)

🛠️ Customizable display options are availible. Users have the flexibility to toggle/adjust labels, lines, and color fills according to their preferences.

📑 In summary, the Bitcoin Halving Cycle Profit indicator is a versatile and user-friendly tool, offering clarity and customization for traders navigating both Bitcoin and top altcoins.

⚠️ It's important to note that while the Bitcoin Halving Cycle Profit indicator provides historical insights, past performance does not guarantee future results. Timing profitability in the cryptocurrency market involves inherent risks, and this indicator should not be construed as financial advice. Users are encouraged to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and make informed decisions based on their individual risk tolerance and financial goals.
릴리즈 노트:
Last Update: Nov 2nd, 2023

Primary Update Details:
- Added Monthly Chart Functionality

Secondary Update Details:
- Added extra DCA signals leading into each Halving event
- Adjusted the color bars to display cleaner/more evenly.
- The next Halving is set to plot on April 10th, 2024 in the script. I will update this when the Halving day is confirmed/known.
- Fixed source code description details. Nothing has changed about the dates or timing of Profit Start, End, and DCA.

Final Notes:
A popular request was to add monthly chart functionality, which was the main purpose of this update.
릴리즈 노트:
Updated Description

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