Relative Strength

Relative strength is a calculation of the price trend of a stock or a financial instrument in comparison to another instrument, stock, or industry. It shall be determined by taking the price of one commodity and dividing it by another.

Relative strength is a strategy used for determining value stocks and is used in momentum investing as well. It involves investing in stocks that have done well, in relation to their index or benchmark. For example, a relative strength investor might pick technology companies that have outperformed the Nasdaq Composite Index or large-cap stocks that are lagging against the S&P 500 index (Adjustable in the settings).

This indiator will give you a plot for relative strength between the current pair with another pair (adjustable in the settings), with a plotshape for RSNHBP & RSNH

Features :
1. Relative Strength
2. Double EMA of Relative Strength

How to use it :
1. Adjust All the settings parameter
2. For Alerting, Just use any alert function call, it will give you an alert of RSNHBP and RSNH
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