Blockunity Address Synthesis (BAS)

Track the address status of the various cryptoassets and their evolution.

The Idea
The goal is to provide a simple tool for visualizing the evolution of different types of crypto addresses.

How to Use
This tool is to be used as fundamental information. It is not intended for investment or trading purposes.


Active Addresses
Active Addresses represent the subset of total addresses that made one or more on-chain transaction on a given day.

New Addresses
New Addresses refer to addresses that receive their first deposit in the selected crypto-asset.

Zero Balance Addresses
Zero Balance Addresses are addresses that transferred out (potentially sold) all of their holdings for the selected crypto-asset.

Total Addresses
Total Addresses refer to the overall count of unique addresses that have been created on a blockchain network.

In the settings, you can :
  • Adjust line smoothing (in terms of number of days).
  • Change the lookback period used to calculate the different variations.
  • Display or not the different address types (for better visualization, Total Addresses should be shown alone).
  • Show or hide labels and configure their offset.
  • Lastly, you can modify all table parameters.

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