Squeeze CMF Indicator

I changed the indicator code of Lazybear to replace the linreg with the Chaikin money flow . I recommend using a Macd because the chaikin money flow can give false signals, like any other indicator.
릴리즈 노트: added length for the cmf
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I want to clarify a detail, there is no settings for the CMF, it is based on that of Keltner bands, there is no big difference to the eye ! If only more spikes !
jod17 jod17
@jod17, done !
It's a great idea, but imho the result is very similar to the a smoothed CMF... not highlighting the squeeze as expected. Idea is great,
jod17 RichardParker
@RichardParker, Thank you, I am only added the CMF, I did not touch the rest of the code, so the squeeze works as on the original
@jod17, Maybe do it more simple, use %B instead of the squeeze (cf. Martha Stokes). %B works great on volume.
Please grant access, thanks!
jod17 Alphabets
@Alphabets, The script is public
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