Full CRYPTO pack macd, rsi, obv, ema strategy

This is a simple, yet very efficient crypto strategy, adapted to 4h time frame, on big coins like ETH and BTC . However it can be adapted to other markets, timeframes etc

For this strategy I use a combination of a trend line , an oscillator, price action and volume .

This strategy has both the opportunity to go long and short.

As well, it has a leverage simulator .

The rules are the next ones:
Long : we check that current candle is ascending and above the moving average, the macd is in positive range, rsi is below overbought level and volume is bigger than the moving avg of volume .
For short, we have the opposite long rules.

If you have any questions, please let me know !
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차트에 이 스크립트를 사용하시겠습니까?


Hello I got the error "quantity for entry or order must be a positive number passed value is -62"....any idea why this happened?
I have selected ShortEntry and LongEntry
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is it repainting?
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stanfordisimi123 stanfordisimi123
@SoftKill21, I see you used "tickerid" but during my test seems still is repainting! any suggestion?
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Trying to wrap my head around this, Is this script something that can be set and will run autonomously or rather automatically. I saw something about API's ? Forgive me I am only in the crypto investing a few months.
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SoftKill21 JohnnyBotz1
@JohnnyBotz1, you have to search for study/alert version of this indicator. with that script you can make use of the alert system and connect through webhooks with different platforms like 3 comma,wunderbit and so on. if you check my signature you will find my telegram, there you can find all details about myself and my products, if you become a client of mine I can help you entirelly with the setup. cheers
JohnnyBotz1 JohnnyBotz1
@JohnnyBotz1, I am very Interested I was just trying to join your group moments ago when I saw your reply. Its early morning here-Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA. I will be busy for a few hours after which I will look into your (study alert version) So to answer my question it is not a program but rather an indicator that you have designed?
Is it possible for the strategy to sort out the shares so that they give the shares that have access
Thanks for the script, :)
I ran your script to backtest since 2015 and the result was 19170.64 % gross
Then I ran a backtest for Buy&Hold since 2015 and the result was 19844.767% gross, so does that means buy and hold is the best option?

I was hoping some of us could come up with solid strategy to get more out of a simple buy and hold strategy which is not really a strategy and is very simple. :D
letiskate MortyPark
@MortyPark, but you can use leverage with the script, so using a low x3 leverage, its 57511.92%
steviedsolve MortyPark
@MortyPark, Hi,

I'm perplexed testing this. Nothing I backtest with this strategy shows making a profit over holding. Yet you can see quite clearly it mostly buys the dips and sells the peaks.
a quick manual calculation over a month shows it does make a profit over holding.
What's also strange about strategy performance testing is if you change the timeframe from 4 hour to 1 min, then the buy and hold profit changes also.
What am I missing?
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