Library "RecursiveAlerts"
The library provides options to run alert() calls in loop without worrying about limitations of frequency options.
When an alert statement is called within a loop,
it will fire just once per bar irrespective of how many iterations allowed when fequency is set to alert.freq_once_per_bar or alert.freq_once_per_bar_close
it will fire continuously till it breaks when frequency is set to alert.freq_all
The function helps overcome this issue by using varip key array which resets on every bar

rAlert(message, key) Enhanced alert which can be used in loops
    message: Alert message to be fired
    key: Key to be checked to avoid repetitive alerts
  Returns: array containing id of already fired alerts

Thanks to @theheirophant, @JohnBaron and @LucF for discussions and suggestion which eventually lead to this solution :)
릴리즈 노트: v2

updateAlertTemplate(template, keys, values)
  Updates alert template with given keys and values
    template: Alert message template
    keys: array containing placeholders to be replaced
    values: array containing values which will replace placeholder keys
  Returns: updated alert message

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