Backwards price projection - few bars ahead reverse chart

Ever wondered what the chart would look like if it's flipped upside down and flipped horizontally into the future? The idea is that when there is a trend, a repeating pattern tends to occur. Going backwards and projecting that movement into the future can supposedly show what the future price will be.

Somehow I haven't found anyone try it like this and I am currently trying to find a way to use a reversed moving average or plot of some kind to project further ahead. TV at the moment does not allow offsets on candle plot(as far as I know) and I am only allowed a certain number of plots to go on the chart, so I put as many price moves ahead as I could to project the future price. It's a bit sloppy with all those forced plots but it gets the job done. I'll see if I can improve it with a moving average or something and possibly make a strategy out of it in the future.
릴리즈 노트: I made major improvements and additions. It now shows you the options of price repeat, horizontal, vertical, and horizontal+vertical inversions.
릴리즈 노트: -fixed the y-axis alignment problem it had with the last price
-added the option to change the price source
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good work, let me see, if it works
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very thanks for your indicator now we can analyze what will happen next while trading, mostly it will work up to 80% correct.
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It's crazy as fuck, but markets are some kind of cyclic so this have an chance to work XD
Holy Great Indicator. Market Mirror. It support for analysis.
Great initiative.
I was about to comment, that you have plotted the ADAM THEORY by Welles Wilder, than I realized you have already mentioned that in the tags :). Great Work appreciate that !
@Chakku, yes this is the Adam Theory by Wilder. The projecting is limited but I think it's enough to manually try out. Let me know if this strategy of his actually works, will gladly appreciate it :)
viewless SparkyFlary
@SparkyFlary, this looks like it just mirrors on the x axis but Adams Theory also includes flipping it via Y- axis after doing the X-axis mirror to get the trend. Thanks for the work though.